Air Treatment

Air Treatment

New for 2018 - High Flow Heat
Exchanger with Larger Ports

Already established for many years as the UK’s Market leading supplier for Refrigerant Air Dryers.


The 2018 Tundra range is Hi-line’s most energy efficient to date, with a robust and highly reliable build quality.


Minimal energy consumption is crucial in today’s competitive environment and the new Tundra dryer from Hi-line will help drive down your energycosts by minimising pressure drop and lowering absorbed power

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Full back-up maintenance and service contracts for all equipment

We offer full back-up maintenance and
service contracts for all equipment
supplied by Industrial Products, as well
as equipment from other

Lisburn supplier opts for ALMiG compressor

Attention to detail is at the heart of our
customer care, which includes a 24/7
emergency hotline which puts you
directly into contact with one of the
management team at Industrial
Products, who have the knowledge to
deal with your problem.

Compressors on short- and longer-term lease

Compressor We service clients across a
very diverse range of businesses, from
heavy engineering fabricators and
aerospace through the automotive
industry, vehicle repair bodyshops and
textiles to joinery companies and food

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