Refrigerant dryers that can be used anywhere

These refrigerant dryers reduce production costs and improve productivity. A high performance, two-stage plate heater exchange system made from stainless steel guarantee reliable dryer operation up to an impressive +55°C intake temperature and +3°C pressure dew point.

The AD series refrigerant dryers are versatile and can be used flexibly, for example:

- Als stand-alone units,
- For wall mounting

Or the dryers can be linked up as a set (compressor plus refrigerant dryer) fo the following compressors:

- BELT 4-37
- DIRECT 11-22
- VARIABLE 16-34
- ALM series

The high performance ALM series refrigerant dryers are highly efficient, quality dryers that have proved their worth a thousand times over. High profitability and operating reliability at inlet temperatures up to +60°C and a pressure dewpoint of +3°C make them a convincing proposition.
Besides, the series features especially large heat exchange areas that guarantee a constant pressure dewpoint and a high degree of water separation even under extreme operating conditions.

Energy-saving refrigeration dryer ALM-E

The integrated speed control adapts the energy requirement of the ALM-E series to the compressed air volume in the refrigeration dryer.

This delivers a potential energy saving of up to 50% with a stable pressure dew point.

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