Hi-Line Tundra

he new generation of Hi-line Fridge Dryers has been designed with energy efficiency and reliability at the forefront.

Minimal energy consumption is crucial in today’s competitive environment, the new Tundra dryer from Hi- line will help drive down your energy costs by minimising pressure drop and lowering absorbed power. The Direct Expansion technology offers a constant +3°C dewpoint at all times, unlike chilled mass dryers which can be as high a +10°C during its thermal cycle.

The new single cell heat exchanger gives the most efficient transfer of heat at the lowest energy cost. The Tundra has no PCB boards or controllers that tend to be prone to faults and expensive to replace. By using proven worldwide components within the Tundra refrigerant system reliability is ensured. It also features within that refrigerant system, liquid receivers, line dryers, thermostatic expansion valves and a series if safety features to protect the Freon compressor and its components. The Tundra range has been designed to an engineering specification rather than a budget.

Larger dyers up to 9988 cfm are available on short lead- time, although our standard range as featured here are available ex-stock at our Burton factory for next day delivery.

High Pressure and Thermal Mass are available to order, as is a full range of high performance oil and particle filters to suit each dryer.

Zero Loss Condensate Removal

The Tundra dryer range comes with the option to up grade to a Hi-line ZLD zero loss level sensing auto drain.

Standard product features our very own HTD (Hi-line Timer Drain) which is now well established as an industry standard in condensate removal. The new ZLD range of condensate zero loss drains is part of a new range of drains that operate up to 19,000 m3/hour for use on dryers, after coolers and receivers.

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