Combi Series Compressors

Power class: 3-22 kW

Our COMBI product series is the space-saving, economical 4-in-1 solution from ALMiG. The COMBI series combines the following in a single housing as standard:

- compressor
- receiver incl. conductor
- cold drier
- pre- and after-filter *1

It therefore satisfies the high compressed air quality requirement for pneumatic applications in accordance with DIN ISO 8573-1 *2

The small space requirement of 1m² and extremely low noise level enable these machines to be installed directly where you need the compressed air. This means that your company spares itself major investments in expensive compressed air piping.

Another advantage of these new compact compressors is the low weight and ease ith which they can be transported. A fork lifter is sufficient to install the entire compressed air station on site.
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