Duplexx Series Compressors

Power class: 75 - 250 kW

Guaranteed 100 % oil-free compressed air of the highest quality is good for your pocket and the environment.

This high-quality compressed air has long since been a standard in the medical, pharmaceutical, food production and electrical engineering industries. It is increasingly used wherever high-quality and clean products and services are manufactured and contamination is to be avoided.

For a number of years now, the compressed air market has seen virtually no changes to oil-free 2-stage screw compressors. This was reason enough for the engineers at ALMiG to aim high and develop a new and improved compressor with a twist. And they did just with the DUPLEXX in a power range of 75-250 kW!

DUPLEXX offers:

- Energy-saving speed control fitted as standard
- Direct drive without coupling or gears
- Permanent FPS coating on compressor rotors for consistently high level of efficiency
- Self-learning control for optimum energy-saving adjustment to meet requirements
- Variable, „adjustable“ compression ratio between first + second compressor stage thanks to the ALMiG π-control®

HOC (Heat of Compression):
Not only does ALMIG provide an energy-efficient solution to the generation of oil-free compressed air, its ALM-HOC series will dry your oil-free compressed air in an energy-efficient.
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