Oil Free

Simplicity of design with only one shaft and direct drive produces robust, long-lasting vacuum pumps with low maintenance and running costs. These vacuum pumps operate completely oil-free; the individual chambers are separated by long-life vanes. Already featuring integrated intake filters and control valves, these vacuum pumps can be fitted with other accessories without a problem. The compact cover ensures low noise and heat emission. Optional corrosion protection also makes these vacuum pumps suitable for extracting moist air.

E PV Series

Twice the output - application flexibility - all in a single unit

In the EPV series, the piston for the first time turns in an elliptical housing: instead of creating a single compression chamber as hitherto, this produces two independent ones. These can be combined in numerous ways or used separately from each other. Whether in the vacuum, pressure, combined or even double-combined pressure/vacuum operating mode, virtually everything is possible. The EPV series covers a delivery range of 2x 40m³/h to 2x 100m³/h and attains a final vacuum of 100 mbar abs. as well a pressure of +2.0 bar.

Unlike twin-shaft vacuum pumps and compressors, these units are 100% oil-free in the way they work (no drive gear). The single-shaft design and the number of compression chambers guarantee low-pulsation suction and/or blast air as well as low noise. The revised design and modified piston/housing configuration give the rotary vanes a service life of over 20,000 h. Significantly larger filter areas lead to noticeably longer maintenance intervals, also for the intake filters. In addition, the degree of filter soiling can simply be identified through a transparent filter cover.


The frequency inverter integrated in the VARIAIR UNIT significantly enhances the performance data of rotary vane vacuum pumps. It matches vacuum pump delivery exactly to customer requirements. Energy consumption is optimised and constant vacuum is guaranteed even where demand is subject to Variation or severe fluctuation.

As no unnecessary suction air is generated, noise is kept to a minimum. Dirt from the surrounding environment is kept out of the vacuum pumps. "Gentle" vacuum-pump start-up reduces strain on mechanical components and reliably extends their useful life.

Variable Output ranges minimise the number of different types required, thus also providing logistical advantages.

Series X

Becker Innovation with Top Warranty
Pneumatic technology of the Becker brand is worldwide a synonym for precisely dosed, smooth industrial processes in many industrial sectors. For application areas with high requirements, as they are common for example in the electronics industries, Gebr. Becker GmbH now offers a new vacuum pump product line: the Series X. With this special development [suitable for the application], Becker extends its popular VT product range by the compact models VX 4.10 to VX 4.40.

Equipped with completely newly developed vanes, these oil-free VX rotary vane pumps distinguish themselves by high abrasion resistance and with that extremely long service lives. And since no dust develops where there is virtually no wear, the devices of the Series X are perfectly suited for precision processes under clean room conditions.

The latest innovation branded by Becker is outstanding not only because of its 100 percent oil-free operation, excellent degree of efficiency and low power consumption. In the area of sensitive vacuum, Series X also guarantees precise low-pulsation air conduction.

And to top that, Becker offers for the first time full warranty of at least 20,000 maintenance-free operating hours for this innovation - a guarantee for top technology with the following advantages:

- quick, clean, quiet
- oil-free
- vibration stable
- wear resistant
- energy saving
- long-life reliable

An additional reliability plus is the on-site service by Becker in case of need. Exchange installations and the downtimes associated with that are no longer an issue anymore.