Attention to detail is at the heart of our customer care, which includes a 24/7 emergency hotline which puts you directly into contact with one of the management team at Industrial Products, who have the knowledge to deal with your problem.

We offer full back-up maintenance and service contracts for all equipment supplied by Industrial Products, as well as equipment from other manufacturers/suppliers. As part of that service, we maintain a selection of stand-alone and portable air compressors that can be quickly installed on a temporary basis to minimise production disruption for customers in the event that their own system breaks down. We also offer compressors on short- and longer-term lease to meet sudden or seasonal increases in demand, where leasing is more economical for our customers than purchasing equipment outright for temporary rises in production requirements.

compressor We service clients across a very diverse range of businesses, from heavy engineering fabricators and aerospace through the automotive industry, vehicle repair bodyshops and textiles to joinery companies and food processors. Our customers range from large multinationals to one-man operations – no-one is too big or too small for Industrial Products and all receive the same level of dedicated service from us.